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What to do if you forget to eat a birth control pill

It is not unusual to forget to eat medicines. Likewise, people forget to eat birth control pills but can not be blamed. But many people do not know what to do if you miss a pill.

Do not ask doctors or family members to fear that they will have to bowl. These are important information for you.

Although you will get some general idea from here, but after knowing it is the best solution to talk to a doctor. It is better to get advice from the pill that he has to eat Because there are different types of material in each brand. It is only for some pill to start eating freshly. But in some pill, do not make a mistake again, it can be quite risky.

Lutfunnahar, who is working at Mymensingh Medical College Hospital, said that after one-two-day pill is missed, the pill will be eaten after one or two days and the next will be eaten according to the rules. In addition to this, emergency contraceptive or any such backup will be used. If you lose 5-6 days then you will not have to drink a new pill, but for that whole month, she and her husband will have to use another birth control method.
Some pill contain a layer of hormone-level holes in the same packet. At one time they have to eat each. Depending on which pill you missed, the solution would be different. Here’s some information about what to do if you miss the combination pill.

According to Planned Parenthood, there is a possibility of pregnancy if it is continuously for seven days or more. After a pack is over, it may be forgotten to start a new pack or if you do not finish the old pack. You can take a look at this chart.


– If you forget to eat one or two pills at the beginning of the pack, you will have to eat one at a time. Afterwards, think of eating it on time. In this case, you may have to follow a seven-day backup backup control method.

If you forget to eat 2/1 pills between 3 days and 21 days, you should eat a pill as well as remember and eat the next time. In this case, there is usually no backup.

– If you miss three or more membranes in the first two weeks, you should eat one pill after remembering this and the next time you have to eat it. In this case, you will need seven-day backup birth control.

If you miss three or more pills in the third week, then do not drink medicines from that pack, you will have to start a new pack by putting a full pack of medicines. There will be seven days of backup in this case.

Pregnancy testing is good in this case.

What to do It’s good to get advice from your doctor, but this does not mean that you have to make an appointment. You can also know what to do by phone. You can also get some information from the guidelines that are available with the medicine pack. You may also want to think about emergency contraception if you have a pregnancy.

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