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Avoid these foods during the pain

Joint pain in the hands, leg joints or backbone bone. Many people suffer from this problem. Due to the pain of the hand, the movement of the normal movement is hampered and its effect on normal work is affected. Some diets may double this pain. These foods should be avoided during joint pain.

1. Sugar and artificial sugar

There are additional sugar inflamation and AGE. It increases weight and leaves the pressure on the joint. In a survey of the American Journal of Nutrition, a 2014 survey revealed that sugar national foods increase the risk of women’s arthritis. Refrain from eating soda diet.

2. Red and processed meet

There is a lot of chemical and purine and nitrite in red and processed soils that increase joint pain. A report from the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition shows that there is a deep relationship between red meat and inflamation.

3. Eggs

Regular eating of eggs can cause swelling of the hands and inflamation. Eggs have arakidonic acids that increase inflamation further.


4. Beer

Excessive alcohol consumption is not beneficial for health. There are beer components that contain purines that convert to uric acid. Avoid Beer During Joint Pain.

5. Dairy products

There is a lot of protein in dairy products that increase the pain and many more. According to the physician committee, protein joints excite the tissue. For this reason, refrain from eating dairy products like cheeses, milk, butter etc. Joint pain time

6. Crop and refined flour

Its glycemic index is higher, which increases AGI and inflamation. Diabetes, cardiovascular problems can also be encountered in addition to increasing the intake of joints daily.

7. Salt

Salt increases the amount of water in the body. Calcium is a very important component for bone strength. Reduces the amount of calcium by taking extra salt. Instead of white salt, you can take the Himalaya salts.

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