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Playing the same type of food every day helps reduce weight

Eating the same food may be annoying, but it really helps to lose weight. The most difficult aspect of following the diet plan is to arrange food according to plan. Most people exclude dieting because they are unable to do new things every day and are unable to eat the right foods. Making or cooking a new thing every day is a hard task, especially when you have to cook healthy food. But if you want to lose weight, you can not avoid eating the right foods. So if you are eating the same food then how to lose weight?

Eating the same thing every day is boring but convenient. When you start eating the same thing every day, you know what you will eat every day. This will reduce your desire or hunger to eat something new. You do not have to worry about preparing dinner because you know what you eat at night If you can suppress the temptation to eat junk food or unhealthy foods and build healthy eating habits, you will lose weight.

Cook the same type of food every day. The author of the book ‘You on a Diet’ Mehmet Oz and Dr. Michael Reisen said the best way is to use automated methods. If you like to eat peanut butter with 1 tbsp oatmeal and 1 glass smoothed or 1 piece of whole wheat bread, then you will not have to worry too much about morning snacks when you eat this same meal every day. In this way, fix a menu of other meals in the day and try to eat it every day. This will make your market easier.

Dr. Oz and dr. Raisen said, if you eat the same food at least one day at a time, then your weight will decrease compared to eating different types of foods.

According to dieticians, healthy diet maintains a balanced ratio of all types of food groups. It helps to maintain weight or reduce weight. The type of food, quantity and cooking methods help determine the final result. Thus, due to healthful diet every day, weight loss is necessary, but exercise is also essential.

So look at what you are eating. Keep an eye on the amount of calories you are consuming and how much calories are consuming. Follow up to 15 days or a month, and see the difference itself.

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