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These foods increase the number of blood platelets

When the level of platelet or molecule decreases in the blood, it is called thrombocytopia. To increase the level of platelets, taking medicines as well as eating foods that help in increasing the number of platelets. These fruits will help if you do not get excessive bleeding after the injury. Blood platelet levels can be reduced for various reasons. It could be – due to medicines, due to the virus, due to alcohol, for genetic reasons, due to diseases and for pregnancy. Blood platelets are made of glue, colorless and irregular shapes. Today, we will know about the foods that help to increase blood platelets.

1. Papaya
When the number of blood platelets decreases, it is advisable to eat papaya. In addition to eating ripe papaya, you can eat papaya leaf extract, which helps in increasing blood platelets in the same way. Take the papaya leaf in a pot of water and boil it. Then chop the mixture and drink twice a day. According to researchers from the Asian Institute of Science and Technology in Malaysia, papaya leaf extract plays an effective role in increasing the number of platelets, if fed to dengue patients.

2. Pomegranate
Like pomegranate seeds, seeds are rich in iron like other red fruits and they help to increase the number of blood platelets. Also, pomegranate is rich in Vitamin A, it helps in strengthening the disease prevention, and helps lower levels of platelets related diseases such as dengue.


3. Fish and low-fat proteins
According to the advice of The Thunder Bay Regional Health Center in Canada, high protein protein rich foods are advised to increase the number of platelets. These foods are rich in vitamins B12 and zinc as well as increasing the number of platelets. The zinc immune system helps to stimulate. Add junk-rich foods to your diet like fish, chicken and beef meat.

4. Sweetie
Sweetie is rich in vitamins and helps in the formation of platelets and helps in the production of proteins produced in the body cells. To increase the number of platelets, proteins in the cells are very important.

It also helps to increase the number of foods and platelets of Vitamin C-rich foods, green vegetables, amalikes, bits of fruits, sesame oil etc.

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