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French lover president’s story

The first lady of France is now in the hands of high school dorm teacher. At the age of 15, the newly elected president of French Emanuel Macroor thinks of his teacher Brigit Troganyx 25 years old at the age of Prior to the election, the incidents of love and marriage between two unmarried young people gave rise to discussions around the world. The intricate love relationships of the French presidents are nothing new. Many other presidents of the country have been happily tied to such love, they happily lived together.

Macro-Bridges in exceptional love: The closest people to the blue hair macro-blue and blue eyes are called ‘Manu’. While going to school, he was always late in class. The purpose was to make stories with the teacher. French literature and drama teacher taught at a private private school in Paris. Manu worked with his teacher in the work of making dramas for the school’s functioning. At one stage, Macroon proposed to marry a 25-year-old Bridgett at a young age, he refused. However, Macroon did not get into it Love is like green leaf. And in this age of love, Macroon is married to the teacher. Currently, 39-year-old Macroon is the newly elected President of the country and the First Lady of the 64-year-old country.

‘Lover of all women’ François Wolland: born of the son of a former politician and former presidential candidate of the current President Francois Hollande, Segolon Rael. But their separation happened. After that, he started living with the girlfriend Valliere Thierreula at the presidential palace. Later he wrapped up the love with the French model Julie Guevette. While driving to motorbike in Paris, she was caught in a tabloid’s camera while going to the apartment. In an incident of love, a president is rushing on motorbike, it is thought! But with the former US President Bill Clinton, Monika Liunsky’s unrelated relationship has given birth to a great scandal. But nothing happened in the case of Holland.

François Mitorano in secret love: French President Francois Mittar’s love was with Anne Pazhou, a woman named. He got 1,218 love letters from Mitner. Two books, ‘Letter to Annie: 1962-95’ and ‘Diary for Annie: 1964-70’, are expressed in connection with their relationship. In 1963, Anne-Mitner’s love affair developed. Anne was then 20 years old. And Mitron was a 47-year-old senator. He was married and father of two sons. His wife named Daniel. Mitron kept his love relationship secret. A girl named Mazarine was born in the womb of Anne. Last month, CNN took opinions from people of different stages of France’s personal life and relationships. It shows that people in France are welcomed by the love of young men and older women. In this case, any kind of scandal or scandal did not work at all.

Nicholas Sarkozy’s love for many: President Nicola Sarkozy divorces after being elected. Later she married model and pop star Karla Bruni in 2008. Bruni is his third wife. Earlier in 1996, Sylia Atyas was his second wife. They got divorced in 2007. Sarkozy’s bridal life with the first wife Marie Dominique Culioli was from 1982-96.

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