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Obama’s warning did not hear trump

Outgoing President Barack Obama warned President Donald Trump about the appointment of Michael Flynn to the US administration. But bypassing Obama’s advice, Flan has been appointed as National Security Advisor. Trump The information was released on Senate Panel’s hearing on Monday. Later the White House acknowledged it.

A Obama administration official in the hearing said that in less than 48 hours to win the trump in the November election, Obama warned about the issue of Flint at one of the Oval offices. But Monday’s hearings did not say anything about the involvement of the trump with Russia. Trump tweeted after the hearing, there is no evidence of involvement of Russia and Trump. The story of Russian and Trump Yogasabashi is totally bluffing. News BBC and AFP.

Trump, the US National Security Adviser to the American Army, retired General Flin. Later, Russian ambassador to the US Sergey Kieslikak complained of a phone call on the withdrawal of the US ban on Flin against Flin. He was fired in February after the fact that the vice president was given false information about that talk. He was in the important position for the shortest time in US history. The White House Press Secretary Shaun Spice admitted that he was speaking at regular press briefing on Monday.

He said, ‘It is true that Obama told Trump, he does not like Flinch too much.’ He said, ‘We are not surprised at this incident at all. Because he worked in the Obama administration After that, he was removed when he developed a poison with Obama. “Spies also questioned Obama, saying,” If he was so focused on Flin, why did not he warn for more safety a few months ago? ”

Earlier, the Obama administration removed Phillin from the position of head of the American Defense Intelligence Committee in 2014. After that, Flin turned to Obama’s harsh criticism. But Democrat’s former President Obama repeatedly warns Trump to appoint him. Still, the issue of the hidden involvement of Flynn with the Russian ambassador was not published. But the inexperienced President Donald Trump, inexperienced twice to ignore the advice of the two president Apart from the money from the Russian company, the allegations of concealing information were also raised against Flan. The allegations were raised on behalf of the White House. Flin acknowledges the charge. His claim, he took money from Russia’s publicly-run television channel Russia Today and the Volga-Nepal Airlines of the country to give a speech on various events.

About three hours of hearing on the issue of Flin’s Russian involvement took place on Monday. In this, the former acting Attorney General Shelley Yates opened his mouth. After taking power, the Obama Administration dismissed Shelley’s appointment. He was fired because he was against Trump’s travel ban. Shelley was standing next to James Clapper, former director of the National Intelligence Agency in the Senate Hearing. He said, “Without knowing the US Vice President, he gave false information before the people. It is certain that Flin has compromised with US interests. ‘

Shelley also said, “We did not know that like the Vice President and others, the information that is being presented to the public is absolutely false. Russia was also aware of this. “He said the situation took such a complex shape that the National Security Advisor was acknowledged by the Russian Blackmail. FBI, White House and the US Senate Intelligence Committee are investigating the involvement of Flan with Russia. Analysts believe that Obama’s information will add new dimensions to ongoing investigations.

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