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The FBI chief James Committee lost confidence: Trump

President Donald Trump fired the head of the US intelligence agency FBI, James Kamie. The White House has said that this decision was taken in the context of the Attorney General Jeff Sessions’s explicit recommendation. However, suddenly the FBI chief cleared the suspension of the sacking trump

In a Twitter message, Donald Trump said, James Communications lost both the Republican and Democrats’ confidence. That’s why he was fired.

Donald Trump said in response to a question from journalists, he had to lose his post because James Komi was not doing the right thing.

On the other hand, after the decision to dismiss James Comie, the Trump Administration said that he was fired because of the investigation of Democratic Party candidate Hillary Clinton’s e-mail scandal, just before the election.

Democrats, however, reacted angrily to this decision. They say that it was the main thing that Jasmine Komi was investigating about the relation with the Trump Campaign team during the election campaign with Russia. Russia has been suspended by interfering with the investigation that he has intervened in some way in the US elections.

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