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How much price of the new iPhone?

There is a buzz that the iPhone 8, 7S and 7S Plus will be released together. However, the eyes of iPhonePrimey eyes towards the iPhone 8 There are so many rumors about these phones. However, most of the buzz around this time was its design and when it was exposed – surrounded by these. In the online edition of the Forbes edition of the world famous Forbes, a report published on August 19, details the details of this phone three.

 IPhone 8
The Forbes report did not specify a specific price. But the price of this phone has been reported to be over $ 1,000. And the 5.8-inch Edge-to-Edge screen will be the iPhone 8’s. The back camera will have a vertical dual lens. And it probably will be the ability to work with orange rivalries. There may be a facility named Smart Cam to take pictures in different areas. 4 can be a technology-supported camera. Apple’s new A11 processor has been used as a processor. Wireless wireless technology has been used to charge more.

 IPhone 7S and 7S Plus
$ 649 and $ 769 will be priced at 7S and 7S Plus. There is no exception in the design of these phones, compared to the iPhone in the market. The 4.7-inch screen will be 7S. 5.5 inch screen will be 7 S Plus. The two phones will have a horizontal dual camera system. Of course, the camera will be better than the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus. The current home has a lot of bottoms. The iPhone 11’s 11 processors have been used on these two iPhones. Wireless Wireless technology is probably used to charge iPhone 7S and 7S Plus.

What is the source of this report for Forbes, it has not been mentioned. Apart from this, Apple has not even said anything about Apple 8.


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