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New program in contact with Alien

Picture: Aliens

A big program is going to be launched to try to communicate with intelligent animals or aliens. This effort can be devastating for mankind- the name of this program, called ‘Messaging Extraterrestrial Intelligence’ or METI, which is being launched in the United States even after the warnings of scientists. It is said in a December 27 report in The Independent Online.

It is said in the report that the purpose of the new program is to send messages in space so that the intelligent creatures of vinagra understand the message. METI will start sending messages from 2018. Without this, people will try to reach out to them by increasing this program without waiting for the bees to interact with humans. Through which the opportunity to create interaction with animals of vinagraa will be created.

However, scientists have been warning for a long time that such messages could be horrific for mankind. If such a message is given, the aliens will be alerted about our existence. This can be the reason for our completely demolition. Among the scientists who have warned are the world physicist Sir Stephen Hawking. He warns, “If such a message is sent, it can bring disaster for us.”

Earlier this year, Stephen Hawking said that we should be “careful” in responding to any message sent by the aliens. If such an incident happens, then it would be like the first meeting of the indigenous Americans with Christopher Columbus; That was not very pleasant.

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