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3 Great smartphones coming to market

Customers want innovative features and modern amenities while buying smartphones. There are several new smartphones coming in the market within the next few months. Technology analysts are expecting new smartphones to respond to the market.

Technology analysts think that consumers will be very enthusiastic about buying new smartphones considering features and modern conveniences.

Among the new smartphones – Samsung’s Note 8 and S9, iPhone 8, Nokia 8, Hydrogen One and Mate 10

Let’s know about smartphones:

Note 8
Before coming to the market, almost all smartphone data can be leaked online. Note 8 is no exception. It is being speculated that the South Korean company could announce the Note 8 on 23 August in a ceremony in New York, USA. Samsung’s Note Series smartphones are always popular for use in high performance. Popular Galaxy Note for digital pen or ‘s pen’. Note 7 After Samsung’s terrible catastrophe, Samsung is giving significant importance to the new Note 8. Especially on its battery. The new smartphone will have fingerprint sensors under its screen. There will be two cameras or dual cameras in front and back of the smartphone. With the new note 8, there will be advanced BBQ digital software. The note 8 screen may be up to 6.4 inches. It also includes Snapdragon 835 processor, 6GB RAM, 64 GB ROM and 3300 ML battery. Note 8 phone price may start from $ 900.

IPhone 8
There is a lot of buzz around the iPhone 8 market. But everyone thinks new iPhone will come in September. Analysts are of the opinion that the size of the iPhone 8 will be larger than the iPhone 7. Apple continues to grow iPhone 8 with the latest technology to stay ahead of Apple The iPhone 8 features a rich retina display as a feature. This year the iPhone can bezelless. It has face authentication. Apart from this, the 8th generation of the iPad can be augmented reality. Dual cameras can also bring huge changes to the design of the phone. It will be connected to wireless charging technology. Market researchers say Apple will keep the price of the iPhone 8 relatively low. According to analysts, Apple plans to price differently around this year’s new iPhone. The OLED displays high-end or flagship iPhone model will be worth more than $ 1,000. However, the 64-GB model may keep the price of the original iPhone a bit lower than the US technology manufacturer.

Nokia 8
Finnish smartphone maker HMD Global can bring a new smartphone, the 8.0-powered Nokia brand. Nokia 8 is the high-end smartphone It is believed that the smartphone will have Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 processor, four GB RAM, dual SIM, 64 GB internal memory. It has a quad HD (1440 by 2560 pixels) display. The size of the display will be 5 .3 inches It has a jazz brand camera. Nokia will come in four colors The phone will arrive in the European market by the end of July next year. Later, it could drop HMD Global in other countries. It may cost 600 USD.

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