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Actor shabnur just not a Actor But She Is A Singer Too

The heroine is going to be a Shabanu singer Initially, his initial conversation with the director was made. She is going to give a voice to a sadd version of the title song in ‘So Love so much Maya’. Kanal and Belal Khan gave voice to the original song. Today, on Monday morning, the director of the movie, Mtafizur Rahman Manik, said this in the light of the first.

It is known that Shabnur will play the ball on the screen in the song written by Sudip Kumar Island and the sound of Sri Pritam. Shabnur will be seen as a teacher in the film.

Actor shabnur

Ferdous, who is in front of Shabnur in ‘So much love so much’. Simon and Pia Bipasha are among the other actors of this movie.

Shabnur said, ‘I love music very much. Sing a song But the matter of singing in the movie is different. Director suggested. I also wonder. If I think I’m fully prepared, then I will sing. ‘

When asked about the plan to sing Shabnur, the director said, “Shabnur is a professional artist but he does sing very well. In this movie, he acted as a music man. So we wanted to give a song to the audience in his voice. He has heard our thoughts. Like it, but it took some time. If he does the song, then there must be something different. ”

Meanwhile, Shabnur is returning to the shooting soon after a long break. He is returning through Mostafizur Rahman Manik’s film. As a result of this, he has recently reduced a lot of weight.

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