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There will be 23,000 trees in this building in Taiwan!

The construction of a sophisticated building near the sky in the capital of Taipei, Taiwan, has almost come to an end. There are 23,000 green trees in the front, roof and verandah of this building. The trees in the central park of New York, in the United States, will have the same number of trees in a building. The building also has 40 luxurious residential apartments.

Plants in it will absorb 130 tons of carbon dioxide annually. The amount of carbon dioxide emitted from 27 cars The building’s chief designer Vincent Selbatt said this.

The building has been named, Tao Zhu Yin Yuan Tower or Agora Garden. Construction was completed till July of the quartz in July. And the building will be open to users at the end of September.

The building has 4,55 thousand 694 sqft structure, double-helix 90 degree wrench from the bottom, many of the DNA spindle shapes to see.

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