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Apple refuses to remove VPN from China’s App Store

Despite being a top technology country, the strict Chinese government has always used internet. Large internet-based organizations such as Google or Facebook could not survive in the country. Recently, the top US tech-savvy manufacturer Apple has ordered to remove all apps related to Virtual Private Network (VPN) from their Chinese app store, the country’s government said. China’s cyber-regulatory body said that the app that is not compatible with the country’s existing law will need to be removed from Apple’s Apple App Store. Apple has begun to remove popular VPN apps by adopting the instructions.

The Chinese government regulates the internet dominated by law and technology. Which says ‘Great Firewall’ Through this, the government keeps control of various services on the internet. As a result, the Chinese government gets the opportunity to control access to local and foreign websites. Foreign companies do their business in China by adopting this law. But many Chinese Internet users are taking VPN support to trick the Great Firewall. So in January last year, all new VPN services were closed in China, but it did not get approval from state regulators. Rather, it is allowed to use VPN in state network infrastructure.

VPN service providers and users are being criticized when Apple begins to remove VPNs from their App Store by the government of China. Last year, the US intelligence agency FBI refused to refuse a deceased terrorist’s iPhone, refusing it. Many people say that without mentioning the interests of their country that Apple had fought with the FBI, how did they bow down to the Chinese government? VPN Servant Express VPN said, “We are disappointed by Apple’s decision. The Chinese government is trying to stop the use of VPN and Apple is helping the government increase the control power. However, Apple Chief Executive Officer Tim Cook said, “We will not want to clear the app obviously. But we do it in accordance with the law of the country in which we operate. “

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