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Want to be a father Salman Khan

He is called the most ‘worthy unmarried’ man in Bollywood. So far, many Bollywood names have been added to him with him. It is said that the ‘Bhajan’ of Bollywood is about Salman Khan. There is no objection to love one after another. Only reluctance in marriage There is no news of being a citizen, even after fifty years of his life. Whether there is a doubt about whether or not to get married in this life. But recently the hobby of being the father of the child has got Salman

Recently, in an interview with Filmfare magazine, Sallu told about this secret wish. He said, “The time is not running out. I’m sure when I’m seventy, my child will be twenty-two. And at that time maybe I can think of marriage. ‘
Then the ‘tubleyite’ actor said, ‘I want to be the father of the child sooner or later. Within 3-4 years, I want to have my own child. And that’s the only reason I want my parents to see my child. Although there is still a doubt about whether to marry or not. Although having a child without marriage is a little difficult. But I will arrange it. ‘

Salman is now said to love the Romanian model Ulya Vantur. Salman never even identified Uyulla as a lover. However, this girl’s presence is also seen in frequent travels and family events at Salman’s house. The rumors are also heard in Bollywood para-they are together. Salman Khan is thinking of being the father of the boy? This answer can give Salvi good.

Will Salman choose the path of Sarogeshira like actress Tushar Kapoor and producer Zohar? Even though commercial fertilization in India is going to close soon. Under the new law, other than a single married couple, one can not afford to rent a child in return for money. Zoom TV.

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