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A success ‍ Story for Bangladesh

At three o’clock the news came from the United States. Sharmin Akhter, Ashraful Kibria, Sabbir Ahmed are still awake On the Facebook page of Adventure Partners, they saw the name of the winning team in the ‘Peer to Peer: Facebook Global Digital Challenge Spring 2015′ contest. 160 teams from 70 countries took part in this competition. There were champions of Dhaka University students’ Think Twice, Act Wise!

If possible, the seven students of Dhaka University (five participants in the United States to take part in the competition) would have pulled out a small procession! The villagers woke up and shouted, ‘Look, we are the champions!’ Joy is like a barrage. Because, this award comes after nearly a year. The story came out on Tuesday at the first light’s office, ‘Think Twice, Act Wise’.

Extremism ‘no’

‘You read in each section. What is so many people?

At the beginning of the talk, this question has to be done. Sharmin Akter replied, ‘We are mostly members of Dhaka University Model United Nations Association. Someone friend, friend of someone friend This is how a team has become. ‘

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