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Mousumi Apurba shooting at ‘Time Machine’

Just looking at the picture can be hesitant, in seasonal drama, or in the movie Apurba? Two known faces of movies and plays often play on their own screen. This time the screen has been replaced by the filmmaker Moushumi. He has starred in a play made for the upcoming Eid-ul-Azha campaign. Name of the playtime machine He has tied up with actor Apurba.

Time Machine play was written and directed by Tariq Muhammad. In addition to Mousumi, Apurba is also acting Alvi, Al Mansur Last Friday the drama shooting began in the capital of Uttara. He is acting as a journalist in a seasonal role, and a wonderful assistant of a scientist. Time machines can be seen by both of them going back to the 1980s.

The director said, the talk about the promotion of the drama of two private TV channels. It may be broadcasted on any channel in the next Eid.



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