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4 tips to spend a good time with your child


Take a break from the outside for some time with the baby. Not to mention far away. Whether it is down the street or buy something from a grocery store, take the child with you. Take a few moments of his hands, walk or tell a little race with him so that you will surely lose. You will see how much positive impact this child will have for a short time. You can feel in his behavior.

Tips- 2
Make the child your job. Work with her without letting the TV or the mobile in the workplace. During cooking, he might have given an onion, when he was working at the house, asked to give him some work or give him a handful. When your Lakshmissona will roam around you, he will talk to you in a half-and-a-half-a-dozen words that he will be seen as a one-time game and your task will also be reduced to comfort. This will encourage a lot of children too.

Post the baby after the book. As the child learns, it will also be good for you bonding. Take a book for your child so that there is plenty of color and picture. As soon as you read, introduce the child to different colors and pictures of the book. Ask questions as well. And admire her right answer.

During dinner or dinner at the dinner table in the morning, when you can spend time with one family every time. Talk about how well you spent eating a day to eat. Not a guru is a serious discussion, not a teacher or a tale of reading. Talk to him in the mood of the holiday. Discuss the table manners, food flavors, ingredients, colors, or recipes. Kids will also like.

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