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Former wife and model Tisha conflict surrounding Habib

Entertainment and music actress Tanjin Tisha have been singing along with music director Habib Wahid for some months and there is a buzz in the entertainment world. According to the reason for the breakup of Habib’s second family, the relationship of Tanzin Tisha has had a greater effect on the love relationship. Now the buzz is that the newly divorced Habib’s second wife, Rehan Tanzin Tisha has been accused of separation in a post on his Facebook page as a reason to complain.

When he spoke to Rehan on behalf of the first light after the post on Facebook, he blamed Tanzin Tisha directly for breaking his family.

Recently some names associated with acting and modeling profession surrounded by a Yaba trader are being mentioned. The news was published in the media. It is said in the report that there was communication with the Yaba trader at different times with model Pia Bipasha, Piasa, Sabina and Mithila. On Thursday night, Habib’s former wife Rehan gave a status on Facebook. There he wrote, ‘Pia Bipasha made me a heart. Look, the year has not been twice your name. Now Tanjin Tisha is your turn. You will be very sune. ‘

Rehan said, “Both Pia Bipasha and Tanzin Tisha are responsible for breaking the Habib’s family. But Tanzin Tisha is the most responsible. Piya Bipasha, but already started getting results. Now Tisha’s turn. But it is also true that if Habib did not tolerate them, then they would not even have the courage. “Habib and Tanzin are living together as husband and wife without marriage, Rehana also said that Rehana has said,

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