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Microsoft is the birthplace of the iPhone

In 2007, the biggest revolution in the history of smartphones by Apple’s co-founder Steve Jobs took place. For a long time, he left the spectacular mobile phone market. Yes, it’s been said about the iPhone. However, many believe that Steve Jobs created an iPhone since personal anger towards Microsoft.

Forestall, the head of software for the iPhone, reaffirmed the history of the iPhone. Scott said, “There was someone on Microsoft who did not like Steve Jobs at all. Apple’s history has probably started from Steve Jobs’s anger toward the person in Microsoft. “Scott said he was so angry with Microsoft about duping Steve’s multitasking operating system (on one screen)

Scott said that, later on, Steve wanted to convert his personal computer into a tablet computer that could be used in a finger touch with his multitasking method. One day Steve Jobs called his design and engineering team and said that a touchfone can be made, which will be multitasking. The formula began with the iPhone’s journey. The team creates a smartphone design that really creates revolution in mobile technology. Which is today the most popular smartphone in the world.

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