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After 4 hours of intercourse, husband stabbed in anger

After four hours of sexual intercourse, British woman from a Pakistani descent has exposed the intestines of the former husband’s stomach. The ex-husband, who was injured in the intestinal spine, escaped and escaped. The sensational incident happened in Birmingham, England.

The woman named Dalia Saeed (35) Her former husband’s name is Bilal Mian (31). In 2013, the divorce was between two. Since then, the case was going on in court with the custody of their daughter. Daliya, who was shot dead by Bilal, could go to Pakistan with her daughter in the case.

The woman of Pak descent, called for Bilal to make a plan for physical reconciliation. After four hours of intercourse, Dalyya barked a sharp knife in the stomach of Bilal. After crushing abruptly, several organs from the belly’s stomach came out with intestines.

Bilal said that Dalia took out her intestine and threw her on the carpet with a knife. He blew his intestine in the bloodstream and ran out of the house and ran out of the house. Then Dalia attacked him with a wooden bat and a meat cut knife on the street. At that time, he escaped from the hand of Dalia in the balcony of a neighbor’s house.

When Bilal was admitted to Birmingham hospital, Billal on the way to recovering after a long treatment and multiple operations.
Doctors said Bilal’s gut was hit 30 times. Daliyas have been sued for marriage rape allegations.

During the hearing in the Birmingham Crown Court, Bilal said, “On the day of the incident, the knife was hidden in the bed under his bed or in his pocket. Dalia kills her knife twice in my stomach. He was trying to take out the limbs from the stomach. ‘

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