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Live live shooting in Malaysia!

Self’s popularity has been popular in social media long ago. Now, with the help of time, popularity with Selfi has now become popular with social media. Now everybody is going to live as well as go to live as well as take shelf life. Stars going to live more than ordinary people The live stars are now a regular subject.

And the easy way to keep contact with fans of your country outside the country is now one and the same is the social media. This is exactly what model and actress Anika Kabir hobby. She is now on shooting for Malaysia in Malaysia. There are also more Mosharraf Karim, Farrukh Ahmed, Shamim Zaman, Joyraj, Saju Khadem, Nabila Islam and many more.

Shooting for the drama outside the country for three days. And there will not be a little fun in shooting. Then how are you! Prior to shooting at Titiounsa Park in Malaysia, Hobby came to Eastgram Live for the first time. The actress, who came to live with other actors in shooting, acted with this actress.



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