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Egg agriculturists in desperate straits

Agriculturists are languishing misfortunes over falling costs of eggs inferable from expanded generation and high sustain cost.

At the homestead entryways, each egg is presently offering for Tk 4.10-4.70 – much lower than the creation cost of Tk 5.5, said various makers and brokers.

The costs of eggs have stayed low as creation is higher than request, said Mohammad Hasibul Alam, proprietor of Desh Poultry Farm in Rajshahi.

At present, around 4.5 crore eggs are delivered each day, said Md Kayser Ahmed, overseeing chief of Diamond Egg and Protein House, which together create 18 lakh eggs day by day.

Toward the finish of 2016, the day by day creation of chicken eggs was around 2.25 crore, as per the Bangladesh Poultry Industries Central Council, the peak assemblage of poultry affiliations.

The quantity of homesteads ascended between mid-2016 and mid 2017, prompting a spike underway of the protein source, Ahmed said.

“However, utilization has not expanded to keep pace with the supply.”

However, the cost of creation has gone up, especially of encourage.

In 2016, eggs were sold from his ranches at Tk 6.47 every when costs of sustain were Tk 30 for every kilogram, Ahmed said.

The next year, his homesteads could offer egg at Tk 5.46 every, 15 percent not as much as the past year’s.

Bolster costs rose 7 percent to Tk 30 every kilogram in 2017 from a year sooner. What’s more, in January this year, the cost of nourish went up 10 percent to Tk 33 for every kilogram.

Then again, the normal costs of eggs

declined to Tk 5.35 each, as per Ahmed.

One winged animal lays seven eggs by taking one kilogram of encourages. Furthermore, Tk 0.50 and Tk 0.35 are added to the aggregate generation cost as stock and different costs, he said.

In the vicinity of 2013 and 2016, agriculturists did not bring about misfortunes as costs were higher than generation costs.

“This urged numerous to contribute. Be that as it may, an area of little ranchers have begun hauling out,” Ahmed said.

The costs of eggs had been dull amid the entire of 2017 in light of oversupply, said Nurul Islam, a distributer of egg at Dhaka’s Tejgaon, one of the greatest discount center points in the nation.

Around 50 lakh eggs are conveyed to Tejgaon day by day now, up from around 35 lakh pieces couple of years back, he said.

On February 19, the discount cost of eggs was Tk 4.90 every, he stated, including that costs of eggs dropped to as low as Tk 3.80 amid Ramadan a year ago.

At the retail level in Dhaka, costs declined 5 percent to Tk 25-28 for four bits of eggs yesterday from a month back.

The costs were 11 percent not as much as a year prior, as indicated by advertise information by the Trading Corporation of Bangladesh.

“Agriculturists are truly in a desperate condition,” Islam said.

The costs of different kinds of fish and vegetables are sensible. “So an area of individuals lean toward fish to eggs,” said Taher Ahmed Siddiqui, leader of the Bangladesh Egg Producers Association.

This has all the earmarks of being a purpose behind the low costs of eggs, which has constrained numerous to stop cultivating, he included. Abdul Awwal Haq, an agriculturist in Rajshahi, is one of them.

“We needed to close down our layer cultivate in June a year ago notwithstanding proceeded with misfortunes,” said Haq, who has been occupied with poultry cultivating for three decades.

He had 16,000 winged creatures when he shut down the homestead.

“In spite of the fact that ranchers are in a tight corner, brokers are fine. They are taking their edges of course,” he stated, including that egg is offering at Tk 5.50-Tk 6.75 at the retail level now in Rajshahi city. Haq now intends to go for oven cultivating for meat generation.

However Alam, proprietor of Desh Poultry Farm, is proceeding. “We are running the ranch with trusts that the costs will bounce back at some point later on.

The holding up time is getting longer and the weight of advances on our shoulder is rising,” said Alam, who backs 12,000 layer chickens in his Desh Poultry.

However, the circumstance of little ranchers, particularly the individuals who have obtained from microfinance organizations at higher loan costs than banks, is terrible, he included.

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