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How to make special recipe of shrimp fish

How to make special recipe of shrimp fish


1. 500 grams of lobster shrimp
2. Coconut milk will take one cup (coconut powder) and take out the milk after submerging in hot water.
3. Raw chili slit 4-5
4. The whole summer season is 6-7 (small cardamom, cinnamon and cloves)
5. Kazu nut 1/2 cup (in a little hot water, soak it in 15 minutes)
6. Like quantity of salt
7. Sugar one-two tablespoons
8. 3 tablespoons of white oil
9. 2 cups of ghee
10. Cream 1/2 cup
11. Onion bowl 2 big
12. Ginger and Garlic (5 Kwa) Bata 1 spoon
1. First of all, shred the fishes of the shrimp and wash it thoroughly and squeeze the yellow yellow.
2. Leave the fish in the pot and heat the fish with a little oil.
3. Get down the fish after a little fry.
4. Now, in the pot, boil all the hot water in the oil.
5. If the smell goes out, then fry the onion bowl.
6. Fry with grated ginger, garlic paste.
7. If the spices are tender, then shake slightly with sesame seeds.
8. Now pour the coconut milk into the pot.
9. Pour the fried shrimp into the fish.
10. Add in the little sugar.
11. Allow the raw chili slices to boil the mixture well and let it boil for 10 minutes.
12. If you are a little thicker, then lower the cream and serve hot hot rice.

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