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Hilsa recipe – a wonderful recipe

How To Make Hilsa recipe

Materials :
1. Polao rice, 2 cups, 2 Hilsa pieces 6-7 (big hilsa), 3 Cuddy half cup, 4 1 tablespoon of cardamom, 5 Chillies 6-7, 6. Oil 2 tablespoons, 6 Ghee half cup, 7. Onion Beaver 1 Cup, 8 Salt quantity, 9 Onion Quarter Cup, 10. Onion Quarter Cup, 11 Milk half cup, 12 Lemon juice 2 tablespoons


Heat oil in the cauldron, and lighten the onions lightly. Now add ginger, curd, onion and quantity of salt to the hilsa fish and lemon juice with a gentle spoon,
Day. After 10 minutes, boil the pieces of fish. Garnish with ghee and half a birch in the cauldron and cook it with hot water (4 cups) and green chillies. If the water gets dry, take some poleo. Spread the pieces of fish on the polao. Now take away the polao, the rest on the fish and covered with milk and put them in the milk. After 15-20, serve down and down.

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