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How to make potato recipe

Potato half a kilo, basan half cup, rice powder one-fourth of one cup, one-fourth of a cup of onion, one tablespoon of chilli kochi, a small amount of turmeric powder, one-fourth of a tea spoon, salt quantity, oil For frying, one fourth of a cup of water is one.

Cut potatoes into a pot and then water will be washed. All the ingredients except oil should be mixed with potato well. Then heat the oil in the pan and mix the flour mixed with the onion will be reddened. Have to decorate the hot and decorate beautifully.


Potato chutney

Potatoes 3 (medium size), Piyaz Kochi 1 (big), Ginger Kochi little, Fried grated flour 3-4 tablespoons, lemon juice 2-3 table spoons, 4 to 4 chapatti chilli, Oil requirement, Yellow Little, like salt sauce, coriander leaves.

Potato slices were cut and thick slices should be cut. Now add piyaz ki khi, ginger curry, chapati chapati and a little bit of potato, turmeric and salt in the pan. It is good to boil the potato but it is better to not boil too much. A little water can be provided if needed. When the potatoes are cooked, it will take a little cold. After that, add potato gram, lemon juice and coriander leaves in the pot. If the mixture is mixed then the potato potato will become sweet.

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